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Fall Real Estate Selling Myths


Autumn is the golden season – the sun, the foliage, and a great time to sell your home. There are also some fall real estate market myths floating among the leaves. If you’re thinking about listing your home for sale, we dispel some common fall real estate myths and offer useful tips to help turn that “For Sale” sign to “Sold.”

Curb appeal doesn’t matter in the fall real estate market.

False! Summer may have come to a screeching halt, but that doesn’t mean your home’s exterior should fall by the wayside (pun intended!). Curb appeal counts, regardless of the season. During the autumn months, ensure walkways and gutters are cleared of leaves and debris, the lawn is mowed and trees are neatly trimmed. Take your exterior a step further with some hearty landscaping that can weather the cool nights.

The weather is cold, and so is your home.

The first sign of fall is the plummeting temperature. But just because it’s cooler outdoors doesn’t mean your home should give you the chills. Before listing your home for sale, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint in a warm, neutral shade. Fun fact: Second only to a kitchen and bathroom renovation (cha-ching!), a fresh coat of paint gives you the best return on your investment on the resale market. (Source: RE/MAX 2021 Renovation Investment Report)

For open houses or showings, turn the thermostat up a couple of degrees to make buyers feel comfortable. Turn on your fireplace to crank up the cozy factor. In addition, some easy and cost-effective extras like pillows and throws can go a long way to show the comfort of your home during the cooler months.

Buyers pay less attention to price.

Wrong! Price is always a key factor for homebuyers and sellers alike, and pricing your home incorrectly is the biggest mistake you can make when selling in the fall. Landing on the right list price can be complicated, depending on a number of factors such as season (that’s right!), and market factors such as supply, demand and economic conditions. If you’re wondering what your home is worth in your local resale market, work with an experienced real estate agent. A RE/MAX agent will help ensure your home is priced correctly.

Once the home is sold, you’re done.

The papers are signed and the deal is done, so all that’s left to do is pack up and move, right? Not quite. Everyone is very busy leading up to the holidays, which means you may have issues finding time to pack or booking a company to help you move. Even family and friends may be hard to nail down for a day of lugging furniture. To eliminate these issues, plan well in advance. Make sure your moving date is scheduled firm in everyone’s calendar, and plan ahead to ensure you aren’t left without a solution if someone is forced to back out. A stress free move will make a world of difference in the first couple days in your new home.

Now that you know the common myths about the fall real estate market, you can tackle these small projects in preparation for the fall selling season. Despite the cool weather, it’s bound to be a hot one!

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