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Unconventional Ways to Incorporate a Fireplace into Your Home


Since the 17th century, fireplaces have been common additions to homes. While design trends have changed over the years, fireplaces have remained a popular feature for homes. Although they are not typically used for cooking anymore, they are still a source of heat and light for people looking to lower their utility bills.

In the past, fireplaces were typically found in the living room, where the family would gather. Technological advances have made installing all types of fireplaces easier and more affordable, making it possible for them to be installed in other home areas, including some you might not expect. Here are a few unconventional ways to incorporate a fireplace into your home that will turn it into a cozy haven.

Mid-Wall Fireplaces

Gas and electric fireplaces are more versatile in where they can be placed than wood-burning fireplaces. A popular option is to put them in a raised position off the floors. This can be done in almost any room in the house if there is an outlet or gas line nearby. Conventional square fireplaces are not usually used for this purpose; homeowners instead gravitate toward either vertical fireplaces or horizontal linear fireplaces, giving their homes a sleek, modern look.

Fireplaces in the Kitchen

It used to be that the kitchen was one of the most popular places for a fireplace because fireplaces were used for cooking. This practice fell out of flavour for many years as electric and gas stoves became an option, but the practice is making a comeback. Some homeowners choose a gas or electric fireplace, while others opt for a more traditional wood-burning stove. Given that the kitchen is one of the most social spaces in the home, a fireplace is sure to add a unique flavour as family and friends gather for meals.

The Primary Bedroom

A fireplace can add a unique style to your master bedroom while providing cozy evenings in bed. Master bedrooms with fireplaces appeal to homebuyers and can significantly increase your house’s value. A gas fireplace is a popular choice for bedrooms because children and pets are less likely to occupy the space, so there is less of a hazard. With the wide variety of fireplaces available on the market, there is no doubt you will be able to find the type, size, and style that will match your primary bedroom.

Bathroom Fireplaces

Cold Canadian winters make transitioning between the shower or bath and the outside air unpleasant. Instead of being met with cold air, a fireplace can provide warmth and comfort. A gas or wood-burning fireplace can be dangerous in the bathroom due to fall and burn hazards. However, with advancements in electric fireplace options, adding one to your bathroom is much safer than it used to be. Still, ensuring the fireplace is situated safely within the bathroom is best to prevent potential injury.

Your Home Office or Library

If you work from home, you likely spend much time in your home office or library. A fireplace can instantly transform the space into a sanctuary for working, reading, and thinking. In addition, it can provide zone heating for this area of the home that might be removed from more central areas of the house that are better heated. A fireplace is a great way to warm up your personal space while adding a decorative element.

The Garage

While some homeowners only use their garages for parking their vehicles and storage, others spend much time in their garages because it houses their workshop. In such cases, a fireplace is a beautiful, functional alternative to a space heater. An electric fireplace is probably your best option for a garage, but you could also incorporate a wood-burning stove if that suits your location and lifestyle better.

Outdoor Fireplace Options

An outdoor fireplace can add comfort and warmth to your outdoor space and is a popular choice for Canadians wanting to enjoy all four seasons outside. For a traditional focal point, choose a wood-burning stove where family and friends can gather. If you live in an apartment or an area that often has fire bans, you might opt for a tabletop fireplace that takes up less space.

Modern fireplaces are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, whether you choose from wood, gas, or electric. With a bit of ingenuity and imagination, there are endless ways to incorporate a fireplace into your home with elegance and style.

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