Tips to Keep Your Home Ready For Showings

08 June 2018
The Morren Group

Selling your home can be a stressful time on the whole family and keeping your home show-ready is certainly a challenge for most people. Here are a few tips that can help you keep on top of having it picture perfect for potential buyers.

Should You Buy or Sell First?

21 February 2018
The Morren Group

Within our ever evolving real estate market, both buying and selling a home are very personal decisions. Add buying and selling at the same time, and the process becomes even trickier. The path up the property ladder is different for everyone and which to do first depends on your unique circumstances.

Three Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen Island

21 February 2018
The Morren Group

From bold patterns to stand-out pieces, the kitchen is getting a lot of attention from designers this year. Whether you are planning a reno or new build, these tips may inspire you to create the perfect trendy kitchen island you've always wanted.

Top Five Trends Home Buyers Are Looking for in 2018

09 February 2018
The Morren Group

Top Five Trends Home Buyers Are Looking for in 2018 Every year experts reveal the new trends in home design that they predict buyers will be looking for in the year ahead. Here are some of the top items that you’ll see on home-buying wish lists for 2018:

7 Tips to Sell Your Home Successfully

30 January 2018
The Morren Group

Here are some tips that will help your home stand out when you decide to sell.

Six Things to Look For During an Open House

26 January 2018
The Morren Group

If you're on the hunt for a new home, that may involve visiting one, two, or half a dozen open houses. Some choose to visit open houses even if they are not ready to buy just so they have an idea of what the market has to offer when the time to purchase does come along. Whatever your reason for frequenting open houses, it's important that you are looking for and noticing the right things so that you can make an informed decision.

Resolutions for Your Home

11 January 2018
The Morren Group

As we begin a new year and make our lists of resolutions, you may want to include some for your home as well! There are several easy ways to improve your home to make it more beautiful, organized and clean this coming year:

Do You Need a Mortgage Broker?

14 December 2017
The Morren Group

When it comes to buying a home or renegotiating your mortgage come renewal time, you have a couple of options. You can visit the bank that currently holds your mortgage and speak with a mortgage specialist. Or, you can visit a mortgage broker, who will look at current rates from lenders across the country and offer you a few options to choose from.

Happy Holiday Decorating

10 November 2017
The Morren Group

Whatever your game plan is this year, here are some tips for preparing your home for the holiday season and everything and everyone that comes with it!

Getting Pre-Approved is More Important Than Ever

01 November 2017
The Morren Group

With interest rates on the rise and many housing policy changes over the past year, it's more important than ever for first-time home buyers to have their mortgage pre-approval in hand when beginning the search for a new home.